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Dog Boarding in Orlando

Whether it’s due to a short work trip or a lengthy family vacation, having to board your beloved four-legged pal for a period of time can be a problematic and emotional experience. You want to make sure you find a dog boarding Orlando that will provide a comfortable and save atmosphere for your pooch, and give him the loving care he deserves while his human family is away.  Here are some tips on how to find your dog’s home away from home.

Research and Tour

dog boarding Orlando

Planning in advance is going to be the key to finding the right boarding location.  Ask other dog owner’s you trust for recommendation, do some research online, and insist on taking a tour prior to deciding. If the kennel says they don’t allow for tours, move on, and consider a kennel that makes you schedule your visit in advance.

Pay Attention

While on the tour, make sure to observe and take notice of your surroundings.  You’ll want to ensure that the facility smells and looks clean; not just the lobby, but the common areas for the dogs.  Make sure you ask to see the areas where your dog will sleep and play and inquire as to how many hours of exercise he will receive per day.  Keep a close eye on the staff and watch how interact with the other pets in their care. Pay some attention to the other animals and their mood.  Happy and playful is good; stressed and nervous is not. 

Ask Questions

Find out how often your dog will be fed, given time to exercise, and rest.  Make sure to ask if there is a veterinarian on staff, or if they at least have one on call 24-hours a day to respond to any health concerns.  Finally, ask about how they handle safety and security issues, and what they do to ensure dogs don’t run off.  A well-run kennel will have policies for and answers to all these questions.

With careful planning and forethought, you should be able to find a kennel that will give your dog a comfortable and contented experience and you peace of mind while you’re away.