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Dog Training Tips 101

Dogs are man’s best friend.  They are loyal, obedient and willing to love us additionally.  However, most dogs aren’t like this naturally as puppies, most of them will require dog training services woodstock il in order to learn how to behave. 


When it comes to training you have to look at it in the same way parents instruct human children.  Dogs need to understand the rules, boundaries of behavior just as babies do.  This is the basics of training.


Crating your puppies might sound mean but in fact it is actually humane.  When we crate our puppies we are creating a safe environment for them.  Like putting a human baby in a crib the crate for dogs serves in the same manner.  When we crate our puppies in training they know it is their place.  When we disturb their space they get offended just like humans do.


Treats are a positive form of reinforcement. When we give a treat to a dog they see it as a way of doing good.  Doing this outside of training may seem as a form of miscommunication so make sure to keep it to a minimum or use a different treat in training and one out.

Never strike your dog

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Striking your dog is never okay.  Even tapping them on the nose is not okay. It doesn’t hurt them to hit on the nose but it can be taken out of content and get out of control.  In some cases the dog may begin to see your hand as a negative action as well.


Commands are also very important when training.  When training your dog you want to come up with a series of commands that are unique and consistent.  When you train your dog on one command make sure they know it before adding additional commands.